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What is TACT2? A clinical trial to determine whether intravenous (IV) Na2EDTA chelation therapy with oral (by mouth) multivitamins will reduce the risk of major cardiovascular events (such as stroke and heart attack) in patients who have already had a heart attack and who also have type 2 diabetes.


The Golden Center

Integrative Medicine located in Fresno, CA

The Golden Center in Fresno, California, is a place of wellness that focuses on the whole patient, not the disease. Over the past 30 years, Patrick Golden, MD, and his team of medical professionals have been helping patients improve their health and well-being and find answers to their health concerns.

Dr. Golden is a board-certified internist, cardiologist, bariatrician, metal toxicologist, and chelation therapist. He earned his medical degree from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver, and then went on to the University of California San Francisco in Fresno, California, to complete his internship, internal medicine residency, and fellowship in cardiology.

In addition to helping his patients at The Golden Center, Dr. Golden serves as the ringside physician for boxing and mixed martial arts for the state of California and as medical director at Turning Point drug rehabilitation center. Dr. Golden is also a skilled researcher and recently served as a site investigator for Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy 2, which studied the effects of chelation therapy to prevent cardiac events in people with diabetes who previously suffered a heart attack.

Well-versed in the benefits of natural therapies, Dr. Golden also offers his own line of vitamins and supplements to ensure patients get all the nutrition they need to support good health.

For a natural approach to medical care that focuses on treating the whole person, not the disease, call The Golden Center today, or schedule a consultation using the online booking tool.

Dr. Golden is a founder of

Dr. Golden is a founder of

  • The word is out – it pays to take your vitamins. The American Medical Association (AMA) now encourages all adults to supplement daily with multivitamins. A review of 38 years of scientific evidence by Harvard Researchers proved that supplementing your daily diet with vitamin supplements promotes optimal health. While we should never neglect the importance of a well-balanced diet, high in fruits and vegetables, vitamin supplements provide the nutritional support our bodies need for a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Golden’s Vitamins are your personal health insurance plan to help you live a life enriched.


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  • Yelp

    "I have been going to Dr Golden for many years and he is awesome. When It was discovered I had lung cancer he referred me to the best lung surgeon."

    Tommie H.
  • Yelp

    "Dr. Golden is awesome. My 87 year-old mom’s health has improved immeasurably under his care."

    Sharon L.
  • Vitals

    "Dr. Golden has gone out of his way on many occasions when I have had health problems in the past to refer me to specialists when necessary and has followed up with me."

    Verified Patient
  • Vitals

    "He gave me the referrals I needed. He was also very willing to look outside of the box and not just prescribe medication to cover up the symptoms."

    Verified Patient
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